Sea freight

Mitra Group UAB offers all types of sea freight transportation:

  • Full container load (FCL);
  • Limited container load (LCL);
  • Cargo consolidation with further transportation by sea and distribution;
  • Out Of Gauge (OOG) cargo transportation;
  • Full spectrum of customs services (import ,export and transit formalities);
  • Cargo insurance;
  • Consulting services

20 and 40- foot containers are the most common type of containers used for international and intercontinental cargo delivery by sea.

Containers are the very safe, secure, and convenient way of transporting the cargo. It is critical when it comes to the international sea freights since minimum number of cross-docking and transshipments are required for the entire duration of the sea freight.

At the same, sea container transportation is cheaper than delivering cargo by the other means of transportation (air freight, road freight or delivery by rail) internationally.

The possibility to transport container for loading almost at any place in the world is another advantage of container.

As a rule, usage of container shipments allows receiving the cargo in the same state and condition as it was loaded and sent by the shipper (e.g. manufacturer, producer, etc.)

Therefore, it sea container transportation is commonly used by small, medium-sized and large businesses.

Helpfull information

20', 40', 40' HC containers:

Dimentions (internal)  20' Standard 40' Standard  40' High Cube 
Length:  5,900 mm 12,036 mm  12,036 mm 
Width:  2,350 mm 2,350 mm  2,350 mm 
Height:  2,393 mm 2,393 mm  2,698 mm 
Door opening width:  2,340 mm 2,340 mm  2,340 mm 
Door opening height:  2,280 mm 2,280 mm  2,585 mm 
Capacity:  33 m3 67 m3  76 m3 
Tare weight:  2,230 kg 3,660 kg  3,840 kg 
Maximum gross weight:   30,480 kg 32,500 kg  32,500 kg 
Maximum payload:   28,250 kg 28,840 kg  28,660 kg